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Lisa Conley

Lisa Conley

Director of Pricing Analytics, Cardinal Health

As a pharmaceutical distributor delivering health care products (everything from toothpaste to prescription drugs) to both small drug stores and major chains, Cardinal Health serves as an important link between manufacturers and pharmacies. One of its biggest challenges is making sure that its generic drugs are priced correctly. The company needed technology that could help it make faster, more accurate pricing decisions, thereby aiding its customers, often small independent pharmacies, in maximizing profit.

As Director of Pricing Analytics, Lisa spearheaded the charge to implement a new, statistically-based product segmentation model. And with SAS and Teradata in-database solutions, she and her team automated the process and are now able to run their pricing models three times more often, resulting in pinpoint pricing accuracy. Cardinal Health's new, more agile product segmentation strategy allows Lisa and Cardinal health to be quick on their feet, reacting in a near instant to market fluctuations. 

But agility isn't Lisa Conley's only skill. 

Her superhuman powers of predictive analysis earned her the name...

Predicta Predicta Label

remote villages rely on modern distributors

Far from the hustle and bustle of Datapolis, in a region comprised of dozens of remote villages, industrious and peaceful citizens have lived in serenity for countless generations. Intent on preserving customs established prior to the Information Age, the most significant contact they have with modern society is their reliance on Datapolis distributors to stock the shelves of their pharmacies, general stores and doctors’ offices. Thus, for the leaders of the villages and for Datapolis, accurately pricing the supplies is critical for both the health of the villagers and the survival of the distributors who supply them.

Predicta's Village

an analytical heroine emerges in datapolis

From the heartland of this region hails Lisa Conley, a brilliant young woman recognized, even at an early age, for her extraordinary gift of analytical prediction. Lisa left her home to study Decision Science with the Datapolis Analytic Assembly, where she became a master of combating gut reaction and impulse. For her unparalleled excellence she earns the highly coveted Shield of Data Quality and Spear of Predictive Analysis, and becomes one of the most sought after young recruits of all time.

Predicta with Spear

Motivated by her dream of providing better information to her home and other peaceful communities like it, Lisa accepts an offer from The Council of Elders to work on a critical decision support system. If successful, the automated process - the first of its kind - would help Datapolis distributors make faster and more accurate pricing decisions for the most essential products they supply to her home village and others like it. Lisa is thrilled, but little does she know, an epic analytical battle awaits…

A Mysterious Force Threatens the Balance

Soon after beginning her work with the distributors, Lisa is shocked to discover unusual patterns of behavior threatening the welfare of her kin. Orders come in from village chiefs at quantities and price points far from what real-time market dynamics would dictate, and as a result the villages are paying far too much for supplies. While analyzing the pattern, Lisa experiences a frightening vision of a future rife with shortages of medical equipment and first-aid, months of useless inventory piling up on shelves, villagers desperate for essential provisions, and the eventual extinction of her people. As Lisa peers deeper into the future, she sees the source of her peoples’ demise, a mythical trio of spell-binding sirens, known to cause madness, confusion and belief in misleading trends – The Fallacies.

Predicta and The Fallacies

Alarmed by her discovery, Lisa extracts years of product and purchasing data from the distributors data warehouse and employs advanced analytics to track down the The Fallacies precise location. Using her Spear of Predictive Analysis and Shield of Data Quality Lisa deftly transforms The Fallacies’siren song of confusion into an explosion of concentrated, actionable data. Now using the villains’ own weapon against them, Lisa renders The Fallacies, powerless and banishes them back to the wilderness from which they came. 

Lisa Deals The Fallacies a Decisive Defeat

Predicta Defeats Fallacies

But Lisa’s work is far from done. With The Fallacies cast away for good, she sets out to integrate the automated decision support system into the villages’ purchasing process, enabling them to make logical, informed buying decisions for generations to come. In Datapolis, the Council of Elders gather together along with Dr. Insight to pay honor to Lisa Conley. With gratitude for her courage and sacrifice they bestow upon her the title of Predicta, the fifth member of the Heroes of Analytics.


  • Decision Quality
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Agility

Analytic Hero Since

October, 2012


To make the world faster, more efficient, and better informed.


My family farm back in the Amazon country of rural Oregon.

Arch Enemy

Bad data, disparate systems, free-form text fields

In-database Toolbelt

I use my ability to mine large amounts of data using pass through queries to Teradata to bring back the results to the SAS environment.  Then using my SAS programming skills to perform statistical analysis in SAS and create an operational Decision Support System.

The Real Hero - Lisa Conley

I have a background in CIS and Decision Sciences and have been using SAS and SQL for 17 years. I have worked as a systems analyst, database administrator, and statistician.  I have led groups in predictive analytics since 2005; my experience includes consulting with Non-Profits organizations to improve fund raising, merchandising for retail chains, and Finance. Currently I am directing the activities of multiple groups with Pricing Science & Strategic Analytics at Cardinal Health.  In addition to building predictive models, applying market basket analysis, and developing custom go-to-market strategies for products, I helped facilitate and launch an annual SAS Day and SAS User Group at Cardinal Health.I enjoy horseback riding, skiing, reading, and sci-fi.  In my off time I enjoy traveling both inside the US and internationally. 

I enjoy horseback riding, skiing, reading, and sci-fi. In my off time I enjoy traveling both inside the US and internationally.