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David Schmitt

David Schmitt

Dir., Interactive Marketing Operations & Analytics, InterContinental Hotels Group

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG®), one of the world’s largest hotel companies, is focused on using a marketing approach that produces data-driven insights. IHG had been using a manual process for analyzing the revenue performance of its seven hotel brands, including InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts, Hotel Indigo®, Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts, Holiday Inn® Hotels and Resorts, Holiday Inn Express®, Staybridge Suites® and Candlewood Suites®. The manual process tracked up to 30 metrics and 50 associated variables, and analysts spent 80% of their efforts in assembling the data, and 20% of their time doing the actual analytics. 

David Schmitt was tasked with helping the global sales and marketing teams understand what factors most drive revenue. David’s team was able to convert his team’s analytic operations to an enterprise-level approach, compiling an immensely larger dataset. They were able to integrate several existing data sources and create sophisticated new ones, resulting in datasets of over 5000 variables. This expanded data has freed up IHG analysts to spend more time on value-driving analytics. The integration of these solutions and the resulting speed of processing made it possible to create sophisticated clustering models and to build predictive models for each cluster, increasing IHG’s insight into the drivers of their business. The centralized dataset provides a common fact base for analysis across multiple teams. Together, analysts from key stakeholder teams evaluate performance by meeting regularly to review the corporate scorecard, identify new hypothesis and test them with analytics to drive new strategies. This integrated view of the performance drivers has strengthened the trust between the teams and key stakeholders.

 Using this fresh perspective, David has been able to get better clarity on the questions decision-makers need answered and deliver results in language they can understand. These new capabilities are critical in order to respond in a timely fashion as the company continues to drive performance.

Delivering superhuman results and uniting teams across his business galaxy has earned David the name...

Exploris Exploris Label



Datapolis researchers recognize that citizens’ extensive interplanetary travel provides them an opportunity to improve the quality of life for all through studying travel patterns and the effects of the exchange of ideas between cultures. To accomplish this, they charter the creation of the Intergalactic Travel Network (ITN), which fosters partnerships with other planets to share travel data. But for the ITN to achieve its goal, the leaders know that information must flow quickly and freely from planet to planet…

Intergalactic Travel Network


Following intensive research by data scientists at the ITN, and based on the known volume of intergalactic travel, it becomes apparent that the volume of data they are capturing is only a small portion of what they would expect. It becomes quickly clear that the data flow is being obstructed by an unknown force, preventing them from realizing the full potential of their efforts. Unbeknownst to them, a sinister villain is attempting to disrupt the ITN. Working from his hidden high-tech facility, he is working to take control of the galaxy by using a powerful, invisible beam to scatter, and in some cases, alter the data.



The leaders of Datapolis, knowing something must be done, gather their best and brightest scientists to discover the cause of the massive data obstruction, but all attempts fail. In desperation, they recall the rumors that have swirled for years of a man who has developed technology that generates intense gravitational pulses to pull the elemental particles of data information together into a central source. Following an exhaustive search, they soon locate the legendary man in question — the man who would become known as Exploris — and his extraordinary device known as the ESPion. 


The ESPion uses individual crystal-like structures that can fold time and space, making it possible to interconnect data sources in ways never before possible. In building the device, Exploris determined that with the correct alignment of the crystals, the ESPion is also a perfect medium for clearly presenting the insights gleaned from the data. The insights are almost prophetic in nature and communicated by means of holographic stories that convey not only quantitative results but the qualitative impact they will have on the people affected by them.



Once ITN officials brief Exploris on the situation, he quickly goes into action, scouring the galaxy to determine the cause of the ominous suppression of data. After sleepless days and nights he discovers that the source has the unmistakable signature of none other than Nebulo, a foe he has repeatedly faced during his decades of research. Fortunately, the element of surprise is on Exploris’ side. Nebulo never believed the rumors of the ESPion — he doubted anyone could ever create the sophisticated technology. Exploris carefully aligns the crystals of the ESPion, activating its powerful gravitational pull, and as it folds time and space, it pulls the data from the grips of Nebulo’s insidious beam. The ESPion surges with energy, finally breaking the villain’s black hearted grip on the data, consuming him in an aurora-like display of light and movement seen across the entire galaxy.

Exploris Vanquishes Nebulo


Nebulo is forever vanquished and ITN resumes its work to improve the lives of citizens everywhere. Exploris uses his ESPion to help ITN scientists interpret the now freely flowing information into clear and actionable insights, viewing them on its crystalline screen. The insights gleaned inspire a technological and cultural revolution throughout the galaxy, which promises to enrich the lives of citizens for generations to come. Exploris, inspired by the citizens’ love for travel and cultural exchange, travels from planet to planet, showing them how to use his ESPion to gather and analyze previously inaccessible data. His legend continues to grow as he regales the galaxy with amazing stories of data-driven insight and opportunity.


  • Predictive Analysis
  • Decision Quality
  • Minimizing Risk

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May, 2013


Helping executives make better decisions. Otherwise you're just building cool science projects.


Traveling with my family. 

Arch Enemy

Perfection. It's evil! It tricks you into waiting, wasting time and opportunity.

The Real Hero - David Schmitt

David leverages his unique blend of analytical, technical, and communication skills to deliver insights that help his stakeholders make better decisions. His engineering and marketing background has led David to understand and tap into the power of analytics. But he also recognizes that “culture trumps data,” and therefore he is a strong advocate for analysts to build their storytelling skills, so that their insights are communicated in a way that’s compelling and actionable. David has been a featured speaker on the topic at several conferences, and writes about analytic leadership at

Outside of work, David’s life revolves around his wife and six children (including newborn twins). What little free time he has is spent serving his community and church. He is the Committee Chair for his sons’ Cub Scout pack, and volunteers with the Knights of Columbus and Catholic Charities Atlanta.